Many things had happened in the past years and we think we should acknowledge these milestones explicitly. So this is the place where you find the most important information regarding the development – not only by dates but by advanced information.

In the year 2000

In the end of the year Daniel Butterworth started the project–thanks for that! He was the first one who had the idea of creating a Broken Sword fan adventure.

In the year 2001

First experiments by using the program language QBasic did not produce the success we were looking for. Also DarkBasic or VBasic were not the program language we want to use because of our demands of a good engine. So we can’t ignore C++ which turns out to the best solution. We develop Broken Sword by using C++.

In winter we started an internal survey in regards to our company name. The majority chose mindFactory.

In the year 2002

July 25th: our first screenshot, Nico’s apartment, finds the way in the internet. That was a great success after working many months and we want to thank our then leading graphic artist.

September 24th: the project has its first own domain:

December 30th: we proudly presented our first trailer a few days before New Year’s Eve. Although the graphic team gave their best the 3D George has been reconstructed in the meantime.

In the year 2003

January 7th: actually we just wanted to synchronize the sequences – well originally we did not want to synchronize anything at all. Finally we braced ourselves and looked for a synchronization team. Alexander Schottky – the German voice of George Stobbart – was our first voice we could organize on that day.

February 2nd: since that day we present our website in the German and English language. The first micro site went online. All Frenchmen could be glad to read the information about Broken Sword 2.5 in their national language. More languages should follow. The Spanish site went online on April 27th and the Russian on November 6th.

April 17th: the mindFactory Logo animation has been completed at last.

June 13th: Broken Sword is famous for their background music. Short compositions emphasize the atmosphere on the screen. Rarely there are long compositions. One of them is the main theme of our project we presented on that special day.
The German TV show GIGA Games gave us our first TV appearance. Our newest developments had been reported in a short newsflash.

August 23rd/24th: we started our first competition simultaneous to the Games Convention. The aim was on the GC to photograph as much team members as possible. The getting was a CD version of Broken Sword 2.5. Moreover we had the luck and honour to meet Tony Warriner – Executive Director of Revolution Software – and to show him our game.

October 23rd: the new domain goes online. At last a domain for the German fans - logical and easy to remember.

In the year 2004

January 13th: we published our second trailer which contained composed music and a lot of more picture material like sketches, characters and backgrounds. The video has been pressed on CD’s and DVD’s of famous magazines.

September 5th: release of the engine demo. It has been possible for our fans to play a little scene the very first time by themselves. There was no voice support yet but this will be in the final version. There were some controversy discussions about the music and the animations in our board.

In the year 2005

April 17th: the TV show GIGA Games reported about us the second time. The first time was on June 13th, 2003. This time GIGA was more detailed and gave our project 3:30 minutes not only to present the website but the show the engine demo.

July 23rd: the day has come. We could show the world that we get 3D movies for the sequences about right. Full of proud we presented 3 screenshots out of the final movie.

September 16th: after 3 years our website design has been changed. The colours are still the same but there have been some body changes and new categories were added.

September 25th: the work on the game engine was finished so we could start to implement the first chapter.

In the year 2006

February 18th: after 2 years we finally completed the (German) dubbing. Numerous voice-actors known from the movies and TV lent us their voices us on a voluntary basis, which we find a pretty remarkable thing to do.

July 15th: we were a first-time guest at the “Dusmania”, Germany’s biggest fair for amateur developers. We got to know loads of like-minded people and presented our game on the big stage. The audience liked our presentation so much that they voted it No.1 presentation of the fair.

September 5th: a fully playable demo version was launched. Apart from the full voice-audio, it included music and some puzzles. This demo was a more elaborate version of a technical demo released two years earlier. Within only 24 hours the demo surpassed the mark of 2000 downloads.

In the year 2008

September 28th: Broken Sword 2.5 was released. First, we released a fully german version with optional english subtitles. On the same day a huge website update was put online.